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Onahole Comes Out on Top!

November 9, 2023

Great news Onahole fans – our male masturbators were voted the top choice in Passionerad’s recent survey on the best sex toys!

Passionerad surveyed over 2,300 people to get their opinions on which brand makes the best products for pleasure. The results were in and Onahole blew the competition out of the water with 31% of votes. Talk about a big win!

Survey Says…

The survey included both men and women ages 18-55+, with 31% of respondents between 26-35. This wide range of ages and genders makes the results quite meaningful.

In addition, our onaholes beat out several popular pleasure product brands. When it came down to the final scores, here’s how the top brands stacked up:

Why People Love Onahole

Customers love Onahole for the ultra-realistic sensations, high quality materials, affordable pricing, discreet packaging, and vast selection of products catering to any taste.

Here’s what fans are saying:

“I’ve tried toys from many brands, but none come close to the lifelike experience of my Onahole masturbators.”

“The textures inside an Onahole are mind-blowing! I can’t imagine going back to another brand.”

“Onahole has something for every mood and fetish. Their catalog is packed with creative options.”

“Reasonably priced and discreetly shipped – Onahole checks all my boxes.”

A Note of Thanks

We’re pumped that so many people made Onahole their top choice. Your passion and support keeps us innovating and perfecting our male masturbators. This #1 ranking proves we’re stroking egos in all the right ways!

Stay tuned for even more exciting pleasure launches coming soon. Our R&D team never rests in our quest to deliver mind-blowing ecstasy!

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