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5 Beginner Tips for Using a Male Stroker Toy

April 5, 2023

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So you’ve decided that a stroker toy is the way to go. Congratulations! You’re in luck, because not only are they an excellent choice among the plenty of options out there, like fleshlights or onahole but there’s also no shame in getting started with one. In fact, using a stroker toy or masturbator could be even more pleasurable than your own hand! 

Follow these tips to make sure you’ll be seeing stars!

1. Make Sure Your Stroker Fits

It’s not a huge deal, but the fit should be something you should check before buying a male stroker toy. Stroker toys might look like they’re a one-size-fits all but the reality is, some of them may only fit certain penis sizes. 

You need to make sure that the diameter, length, and girth of your penis matches up with whatever toy you choose. If not, then you’ll need to find one that does! Manufacturers will usually include measurements on their packaging or website, so keep an eye out for these details if they’re available. Choose a stroker that’s too loose and you probably won’t enjoy it while one that’s too small and it’ll be uncomfortable. Not all companies offer this feature though; so if there’s no information about size or measurements online, you can use any toys you already own to get an idea of what size to get. 

2. Pick a Toy That’s Comfortable for You

Stroker toys will be made in different materials like silicone or TPE. It’s important to take note of the material to ensure you’re comfortable when you’re using them. For example, silicone feels like silk, giving you a pleasurable sensation. But some people don’t like how slippery they feel. 

3. Look for a Toy With Non-Porous Materials

Non-porous materials are the best way to go. They don’t absorb any bacteria, so you’ll be able to use your stroker without worrying about germs or bacteria. But what exactly is non-porous? Well, it means the stroker toy won’t collect fluid from your body as soon as you insert it. It also means that if something gets into the material during cleaning or use, like blood, it can’t grow into a bigger problem because there’s no place for anything else inside! 

This makes it easier on both parties involved: You won’t feel uncomfortable knowing someone else touched your toy before using it; and if something does get left behind after cleaning up yourself (like lube), then at least there won’t be any harmful substances being absorbed into its surface either!

4. Consider the Length of your Stroker Toy

It’s important to consider the length of your stroker toy when choosing one. If you’re going for a realistic feel, then a long-lasting male stroker will be better for you than one that’s shorter in length. However, if discretion is what matters most and storage space is limited or nonexistent, then a shorter male stroker may be fine for your needs.

If this all sounds complicated—and it kind of is!—we’ll break it down into three basic categories: Average Lengths: Up to 6 inches

Longer Strokers: Up to 12 inches

Shorter Strokers: Under 6 inches

5. Be Sure to Wash Your Stroker After Each Use

Stroker toys have to be washed after use. This is to ensure it doesn’t harbor bacteria from you or your partner’s fluids. Washing sex toys after use is a cardinal rule after all! They’re not like your favorite pair of jeans which you can reuse the next day. 

When it comes time to use your stroker toy, we recommend that users clean them before and after each use. This ensures that bacteria doesn’t get trapped inside the sleeve itself—it can lead to infections! 

We also recommend using warm water with mild soap when cleaning these types of products because they’re made from plastic materials which are porous; this means that they absorb liquids easily resulting in mold growth if not properly cleaned regularly throughout its lifespan 

Rinse the stroker toy under running water until no soap remains on your hands or surfaces around where you’re holding onto. Dry it completely by patting it down very lightly with cotton towels or paper towels before placing it in a storage container for safekeeping.

Top 5 Best Male Stroker Toys

Panzer Girls – Yukari Onahole

If you love blowjobs then you’ll surely love this stroker toy. Its material feels soft, similar to a woman’s skin, making it feel realistic. This is ideal because some stroker toys can feel off-putting and can even kill your libido. 

It offers multiple textures that change the more you slide in. It feels just like a real vagina would! Unlike other stroker toys, this one does not come with other body parts. Still, it makes for a great partner if you’re in the mood for a quick release.     

Slut Angel

The beauty of stroker toys is that they are not just limited to the vagina. Take this one from slut angel. It’s got 8.3-inch long legs that you can use if you’re not in the mood for penetration. You can even spread the pussy lips to really get in the mood.  

sexdolls in use- slut angel

This stroker toy constricts the deeper you go, which will have you curling your toes in pleasure. Additionally, the vaginal tunnel has ridges and bumps that gently squeezes your member and creates a suction effect that will make you see stars.   

Slut Fighter Hip: Sexy Realistic Onahip with Two Tunnels 7.7 Lbs

Slut fighter has both a vagina and anal tunnel, perfect if you’re sensitive to sensations. The vaginal tunnel is ridged, ensuring a mind-blowing sensation every time you use it. 

If you want to reach your peak quickly, then opt for the anal tunnel. It has a tighter fit that will have you shooting your load quickly. Want to feel soft thighs? This stroker toy has that too! Go ahead, try it on for size! 

NUPU 3 Pussy Lips – A Realistic 2 Hole Blowjob Toy

If you can’t decide between the sensation of a pussy or vagina, then try the NUPU 3 Pussy Lips. With it, you’ll be able to enjoy a blowjob or a good ol’ vagina. The best thing about it is that the mouth and vagina offer different textures. 

The mouth contains soft teeth guaranteed to make your manhood shiver with pleasure. You could even go deep and simulate deep throating! Meanwhile the pussy has ridges that can easily guide you through your orgasm!  

Standing Ruri-Nyan Onahole

Like to pleasure yourself using different positions? No problem! Ruri-Nyan has a 360° design that allows you to use it in different positions. It’s the perfect stroker toy whether you feel like going for missionary or doggy style. 

Get the tightest fit for your big boy – it comes with an anal tunnel complete with rings and beads! Plus, its skin texture is so realistic you won’t even be able to tell the difference!  


It can be intimidating to use a stroker toy, especially if you’ve never done it before. But don’t let that stop you! There are plenty of ways to get started and feel comfortable with this type of sex toy. In fact, many men prefer strokers over traditional masturbators because they allow them more freedom when using them-and how cool is that?

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