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How to Hide a Fleshlight in Plain Sight: Top 10 Hiding Spots

May 9, 2022

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Let yourself be pampered and experience pleasure at your own pace with your new favorite – The Fleshlight. Ever been impressed with how good it feels? Fleshlights are best used for bathroom and bedroom comfort for sexual pleasure.

But what’s worse than getting caught red-handed if someone else found your sex toy under your pillows? Of course, you don’t want to be in an awkward situation, much more to be subjected to unsolicited reproach from people.

Hey, no pressure, just pleasure! Safekeeping a sex toy is a common concern we face on a daily basis, and you don’t have to worry no more. What if we tell you that there are many ways to hide a fleshlight in your home?

Sit back and relax. We’ve got you covered! Here are the top 10 places if you want to know how to hide a fleshlight in plain sight.

Where to hide your fleshlight in your home?

  1. Empty console box 

Do you remember where you keep your console box? Maybe you have it displayed somewhere in your game room? If yes, that’s great news! An empty console box is always top on the list as it’s usually thrown away. No one will pry on the box if you have the console already out in the open after all. 

Keep the box opened up, pick up your fleshlight, and stash the box away in your bedroom or gaming area. It’s best to keep it close for easier access, and make sure the box is always dust-free to maintain the moisture of your fleshlight. Just make sure that your toy is cleaned before stashing it away. Consider cleaning them using a sterilizing pouch.

  1. Your drawer, or in a vault

Another good hiding spot is inside your drawer or if you have a vault, then better! Where do you usually place your drawers or vault? Does it have a lock or a pin? These are just some of the initial questions you need to ask yourself if you want to know how to hide a fleshlight in your own room. 

How to Hide a Fleshlight: Your drawer, or in a vault

Drawers are one of the go-to places to keep things. So this is a smart place to keep your fleshlight and other bedroom things as well. Visitors and even family members rarely check on the drawers and vaults, unless they have other intentions to do so. 

Choose a drawer or volt that best compliments the décor of your room. Safely keep your sex toys in the last drawer to keep them out of reach especially away from children and other people.

  1. Behind Books on a Bookshelf

Any bookworms out there? This includes books, comics, and other types of magazines. Yes, we see you. Some people tend to ignore bookshelves during a visit. They won’t even bother checking on an organized stack of books unless they’re really bored.

Having your fleshlight behind the books is a smart play, and can be quite interesting as it is kept in an open space. Don’t forget to hide it behind your erotic novels and remember where you place it.

  1. The Unused Shoebox

Have you been keeping your shoebox after every shopping? If you do, then that’s great! Shoeboxes are a classic hiding spot. Take advantage of any possible empty box or packaging, and make it the perfect hiding place. It’s best to have it in your closet or somewhere near your bed. 

How to Hide a Fleshlight: The Unused Shoebox
  1. A Gaming PC

If you have a gaming PC with you, then you know how important setup is. Just like how you rearrange your wiring and your desk, you can also create a safe haven for your fleshlight. Those who have been in the sex toy game for a long time know how to hide a fleshlight like the back of their hand. 

But storing them near your gaming PC can actually be a good camouflage assuming that your toy has a discreet enough design. If you have a black fleshlight, it could even pass as part of your gaming PC setup. Just be careful not to have it exposed while you have visitors. On a normal day, however, your fleshlight could pass in this setup.

  1. Tissue Boxes

Don’t throw away your empty tissue boxes just yet. Put your kleenex box at your bedside and hide your fleshlight inside. Pretty simple, right? In this case, simplicity is best. If your box still has space, place some tissues inside too. This acts as the perfect cushion and you don’t have to worry about how to hide a fleshlight nearby.

Another good thing is you can always get a new tissue when you need it especially after using your toy. When there are guests over, make sure you have a spare tissue box to offer them in case they need it.

  1. The “Work Stuff” Plastic Storage

Do you have your workbox around? Most often than not, the most dreaded work stash is the ideal hiding place. No one else cares about your work, maybe you even hate checking on it yourself. But hey, why not maximize the space and safely keep the most exciting sex toys there.

This combination might even excite you. You have your boring work papers on top but underneath that, you have your trusted fleshlight. Just make sure your toys are properly stored so they won’t stain your important work documents. Try putting your sex toys in a bag or sack to properly secure them.

  1. The Laundry Bag

Another top hiding spot in your home is inside the laundry bag. Keep your fleshlight inside a separate empty laundry bag. Don’t lump it in with your dirty clothes. The bacteria from your clothes could go to your fleshlight so make sure you have a separate laundry bag for your actual dirty clothes. If you do this, then the risk of throwing your fleshlight in the laundry is of course significantly less. We don’t want to deform our fleshlight, do we? 

  1. Suitcase and Travel Bag

If you have your suitcase and travel bags just lying around your home, why not use them? It can even be one of the most reliable hiding spaces for your fleshlight! 

How to Hide a Fleshlight: Suitcase and Travel Bag

People often ignore these bags as it is usually set aside while not in use. Another good news is you get to have all the space for yourself while keeping things organized with the straps. Lucky for you, suitcases also have lock codes that you can use to your own advantage.

  1. Tool Box, or Craft Supplies Box

Have your screws on standby, and store your fleshlight in your toolbox instead. Needless to say, this must be a clean toolbox. No grease, no oil, no other harmful materials that can damage your fleshlight. You can make use of your toolbox as storage as no one wants to be near it other than the handyman in your house. 

If you don’t have a spare toolbox then a craft supplies box can also do the work. Instead of scissors and other accessories, you’ll have your fleshlight accessible within reach. 

Conclusion: How to Hide a Fleshlight Like A Pro 

There are many creative ways to hide your fleshlight in plain sight. Some are even a no-brainer but it’s better to be careful than sorry, as the saying goes. After all, we don’t want our family or young children to see our favorite sex toys, right?

Hiding things in plain sight comes naturally since it’s part of our fight-or-flight response of human behavior. You might want to ask yourself, which part of your house is unlikely to be checked or to be inspected by a visitor or housemate? On a case-to-case basis, it’s much safer to keep your sex toys hidden as decoys or in disguises. But the best place to keep them is still near you so that you can reach out to them anytime.

Lastly, ensure that the fleshlight storage has proper airflow. Clean them regularly to prevent moulds, dust mites, and other airborne pollutants. We want to use our fleshlight for a long time so we have to properly take care of them. Store them properly and hide them safely. This is the mantra we hope to practice in our community. We hope this article helps you safe-keep your erotic toys for that extra peace of mind.

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