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jelqing results

Jelqing Results: Will it Really Make Your Shaft Bigger?

September 30, 2022

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Are jelqing results real? Will practicing it make your shaft bigger?

Since there have been penises, men have gone to extremes to make them bigger, convinced that nature’s design is inadequate.

Jelqing, a stretching exercise originated in the Middle East, is one of the oldest penis enlargement techniques. Despite claims that jelqing results make your penis appear larger and thicker, there is little evidence that it works. Further, it can damage your penis in a real and even permanent manner.

What is Jelqing?

You can get jelqing results by pulling and massaging your shaft with your fingers or with a specially designed jelqing tool to exercise your penis.

what is jelqing

A similar concept underlies the building of muscles: stretching the tissue creates micro-tears, which thicken and expand during healing. However, jelqing isn’t scientifically proven to work this way

While there is no evidence that jelqing makes your penis bigger, YouTube videos and Reddit discussions about it abound. It’s an internet trend, and many people rely on the internet to source information that they can apply to themselves. So, it’s really not a wonder why a lot of men are trying jelqing hoping to get results.

As an example, an NSFW jelqing video posted in 2016 with the title “Proof You Can Get a Longer Penis” has attracted more than 30 million views. According to the purveyor, daily jelqing results have added three inches to his erect girth. In other social media groups, jelqers claim the technique improves erectile dysfunction and makes erections stronger. Nevertheless, none of this is supported by scientific evidence, so it’s really hard to say if it works.

Process of Getting Jelqing Results

As far as how to jelqingis concerned, there are a few variations. According to the sites dedicated to it, there seems to be a consensus that the following are what needs to be done:

Other contraptions for jelqing are available online under names like “The Penilizer.” This tool grips the penis between traction rollers or plastic arms.

Jelqing Risks and Side Effects

It is important to remember that jelqing comes with a risk of injury, which is one of its major downsides. As a first step in understanding what can go wrong if you damage the internal structures of a penis, let’s look at that organ’s anatomy

Jelqing Results

A spongy tissue called the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum fills the penis. Thousands of tiny nerves in the shaft and glans of the penis play an important role in sensations of sexual pleasure. As soon as you become aroused, the spongy areas fill with blood and expand, causing your erection.  

Blood flows through two vessels known as cavernosal arteries during this process. These arteries open up to maintain an erection, allowing blood to flow into the penis and preventing it from draining out. It is possible to damage this entire complex system by jelqing. Several side effects are associated with jelqing, including bruising, swelling, numbness, and permanent damage, such as erectile dysfunction (ED).

Are there any precautions you can take to minimize side effects?

To reduce the possibility of pain, discomfort, or damage to your penis if you still want to see jelqing results, take the following precautions:

Other tips you might find helpful when jelqing or doing any other penis stretching exercises:

What are some alternatives to Jelqing?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many reliable ways to increase a man’s penis size.

Surgical procedures are currently the most effective means of increasing penis size. In this procedure, the penile suspensory ligament is cut, which supports the erect penis against the pubic bone.

You might gain a small amount of length in your penis due to this type of procedure, but it comes at a price. A cut to the penile suspensory ligament may cause your penis to hang even when it’s hard since it holds your penis up during an erection.

Another procedure to increase penis size is fat transfer, which adds extra girth to it. Due to the penis’ lack of fat, injecting fat into this area can often result in a lumpy, uneven appearance.

If surgery for a mild increase in penis girth h is not your thing, there are several other options you may want to consider.

You can first make use of the size you already have and keep your penis erect during sex as much as possible. More than an inch in length, it can often boost your sexual satisfaction (as well as your partner’s).

It’s possible to achieve firmer, stronger erections with medications such as sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra®), tadalafil (Cialis®), and avanafil (Stendra®), especially if you’re prone to erectile dysfunction. 

Alternatively, you can accept your penis size and improve your sexual confidence in other ways. You can try using sex toys to improve your and your partner’s sexual satisfaction. 

Here are some that we recommend:

Ereshkigal Cherry 6.1KG

The Ereshkigal Cherry onahole weighs about 6 kg and is about 30 cm wide. As a result, it feels realistic but not so big and heavy that it becomes difficult to move around. 

No matter how you pose her, she looks great, whether you bend over in doggie style, lay on your back with your legs spread, or ride her cowgirl style. And who knows, maybe she can give you the sexual confidence you need instead of aspiring for jelqing results that may harm your shaft?

Seiraku’s design is very lifelike, with realistic shapes and proportions. Her belly is nicely toned, and her back muscles are visible when she arches her lower back. Furthermore, two subtle dimples adorn her beautiful butt.

Also, Ereshkigal Cherry’s pussy looks almost uncannily like real skin. The high-quality elastomer material retains a lot of detail to recognize all the little bumps, lines, and folds.

KYO Piston

Instead of trying to add length, maybe you just need a vibrator for your penis! Trust us- using this will surely take you and your partner’s satisfaction to the next level. 

Imagine entering a nice warm pussy that grabs your member and slides around while tightly gripping it. Whenever you desire, she’ll be ready to give you what you want; she’ll never say no, and she’ll keep pleasing you until you get your best orgasm.

Does this sound too good to be true? A new male masturbation toy, the KYO Piston, will make this a reality for you. Using this amazing male sex machine, you can experience an unlimited pleasure.

Perhaps you think that a masturbation toy that thrusts motion is nothing new. Yes, it is true. However, KYO has improved its Piston, which is better and cheaper than anything you have ever seen.

It has 18 stimulation patterns, so you can adjust it how you like it. It has a brand new super-powerful electric motor capable of providing a hardcore session for any user.

The Bottomline

Trying the penis enlargement method won’t guarantee positive jelqing results. As a matter of fact, it may even bring more damage than good. So, the best way is to find more effective enlargement practices or find sexual satisfaction somewhere else, like utilizing sex toys.

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