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Here Are Some Alien Sex Doll to Satisfy Your UFO Fandom

July 4, 2022

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Getting an alien sex doll might be the next best sexual experience you would get. It’s a must-have if you’re an exophile. You should also get one if you want to add a unique doll to your sex toy collection. 

In case you wondered, what does an alien sex doll look like, the answer is simple. These dolls have female body parts but have different colors or appearances. 

Manufacturers sell such dolls that have human features. So you could rest easy knowing that you will still be masturbating to a vagina and not to a blob of alien body parts

Experience sexual pleasure that is out-of-this-world

Some people have exophilia and are sexually attracted to extraterrestrial erotica. Some people have developed an interest in female aliens due to popular sci-fi movies such as Star Wars and Star Trek.

Of course, having sex with a female alien with body parts resembling a human’s is virtually impossible. But this does not stop the imagination of some people from running wild. Nowadays, there are porn parodies and hentai videos featuring female aliens with cute faces, big breasts, and tight wet vaginas.  

Exophiles often search for erotic and adult videos featuring aliens to satisfy their sexual urges. But having an alien sex doll would take their sexual experience to the next level. Having sex with an alien sex doll is the closest they can get to having sex with an alien.

Check these Alien Sex Doll to satisfy your kink

Here are some of the best alien sex dolls that you should get. These dolls have the sexiest female features, such as slim waists, wide hips, firm breasts, and sexy vaginas. Do not miss out on these, especially if you are an exophile and want to experience having sex with an alien.

1. Tifa Special Makeup (Avatar-Blue)

Tifa sex doll
Source: Climax Doll

Bring home Tifa, a 158cm sex doll with silicone gel breasts, a realistic face, and a thick ass. You could fuck her in any position with her blue alien facial features and humanoid body parts.

Tifa has a leg length of 87 cm and a standing height of 158cm, which lets you fuck her in an upright dog-style position. You could also lay her down on her back or her stomach. She could balance well on any surface with a shoulder width of 35cm, waist width of 58cm, and hip measurement of 87cm.

You could dress her up in any attire you want and then undress her anytime. Once you undress her, you can see a fit and toned body. Inside her, you could enjoy her vagina with a tunnel full of narrow ridges that will massage your dick. She also has an anus and a mouth that you could use for your sexual desires! 

avatar sex doll
Source: SM Doll

Modeled after the aliens in the famous “Avatar” movie, this Navi sex doll will surely bring you an extraterrestrial adventure. While some people may not openly admit it, many males have developed a sexual interest in the Navi females. Now, SM Dolls took that sexual interest and turned it into a voluptuous sex doll for exophiles. 

She has a slim physique with plump breasts and hips 54 cm wide. This Navi sex doll has TPE material in her vaginal and anal tunnels, perfect for exophiles and people with a TPE kink. Lastly, her vaginal tunnel has a length of 17cm and a small stretchable hole made with TPE material. 

She could stand upright or lay flat on any surface thanks to her realistic body limbs. Her leg length of 82 cm and foot size of 21 cm is enough to help balance her weight. Before buying SM Dolls, make sure they are certified to avoid fakes.

3. Portable Sex Doll Momoko Special Makeup&

alien sex doll
Source: Climax Doll

Modeled after the blue female aliens of the movie series “Star Wars,” Momoko is another fan favorite among exophiles. This alien sex doll has a built-in skeleton that is flexible. It also has fingers and metal phalanges and could be repositioned however you want! 

One of the most exciting ways to enjoy her is by dressing her up with erotic lingerie. You could also dress her up with Star Wars-themed clothes so you could feel the vibe. To further level up your sexual experience, you could customize her eye, hair, and skin color.

Momoko sex doll is silicone-based and is compatible with most water-based lubricants. You could go crazy with her 12cm long vaginal and 10cm long anal tunnel. She also only weighs 4.5kg, which makes it easy to carry her while fucking. 

4. 140cm Green Skin Sex Doll

Green Skin sex doll
Source: Uloversdoll

For a long time, many speculated that aliens have green skin. This stereotype is present in many alien and extraterrestrial movies. So it’s no surprise that the Green Skin sex doll is famous among exophiles. 

This alien sex doll has three openings ready to pleasure you. Take your pick from its vagina, anus, or mouth, depending on your mood! Each hole has a unique tunnel structure, and it is up to you to find out what each tunnel feels.

Made with TPE material, the skin texture of the Green Skin sex doll feels realistic. It is firm, elastic, odorless, and non-toxic. With TPE, you could be confident that your dick will have a good time thrusting in and out of this sex doll.

5. Doll Forever Venus 146cm Three Breasts

Venus sex doll from Doll Forever
Source: Uloversdoll

Want to know what’s more alien than females having green or blue skin? The answer is three breasts. The Venus sex doll from Doll Forever features three plump breasts and a realistic humanoid female. Its body has a full flexible metal skeleton support covered in TPE material

It has a height of 146cm and a total weight of 26kg. You could feel its ass bounce while you hit any of the holes from behind. With Venus, you have four choices to fuck: her anus, vagina, mouth, or breasts. 

While finding clothes or lingerie that fit three of her breasts may be difficult, you could order lingerie made for her directly. You could also use her measurements and create DIY clothes for her. After all, it would be boring if you would see her naked all day with three of her breasts popping out. 

Read this before buying your doll

Are you having doubts before buying your sex toy? Here are some reminders that could help you! 

Check the material

Right off the bat, you should check if the sex doll’s material is non-toxic. It will also help you if you keep track of your skin allergies. Remember that your penis has skin and is one of the most sensitive body parts. So if you have allergies, read everything on the label before sticking your dick inside a sex doll

If you have no allergies, you could rest easy. But still, you should check and compare the materials of sex dolls before buying them. Choose the one that offers the best elasticity and firmness to withstand your masturbation sessions, however long they may be. 

Look for verifications

Due to silicone and TPE material availability, many resellers are offering fakes or duplicates. Often these copies have slight differences from the original product that you could not even see with the naked eye. While these copies contain the same material, the techniques used by the original manufacturers couldn’t be entirely present in fakes. 

That’s why before paying for your order, you should look for the official seal or certificate of the original manufacturer. Some of these seals are on the box, but in some cases, manufacturers hand out certificates to resellers. These documents prove that the resellers are offering the original product. 

Inquire about warranty

Most legitimate sex doll manufacturers and resellers give out a warranty that could go for about two years. These warranties are already part of the product pricing. So if you see a reseller giving out a product warranty for a separate cost, do not buy it. 

Warranties are a way to protect customers from rare instances when manufacturers release a defective product. As part of the warranty process, you would return the item with its packaging, and the manufacturer would inspect its quality. You could get a replacement product for free if the customer did not cause the defect. 

Go on a sexual space adventure now

Ready to go on an out-of-this-world sexual adventure? Check out the sex dolls listed above! Although most of them are quite expensive, you can be confident it will be worth the experience. 

Should you buy one of the sex toys above, clean it frequently with warm water, isopropyl alcohol, or fleshlight-cleaning substances. Avoid using soap and detergents as these could degrade the dolls’ materials. 

If you are looking for a handy version of an alien sex doll? Try the Monster Chimera Onahole that could be used with one hand and could be stored easily! 

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