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ball stretching

10 Reasons to Try Ball Stretching

August 12, 2022

Although it might sound painful, ball stretching has been a fetish for many males due to its sexual benefits. Some females find low-hanging balls attractive, which is why some men stretch their balls to have low-hangers. You should try ball stretching if you want to increase your sex appeal or have better cumshots. 

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In some sexual couples, ball stretchers have become a standard tool in BDSM activities. Devices that stretch the testicles are also favorite tools of people fond of cock torture or ruined orgasm activities. 

However, testicle stretching is not only good for your sexual health. It improves your physical and psychological well-being. Not only will you have a better dick and balls, but you will also have a deeper understanding of the sensitive areas of your testicles. 

Is ball stretching safe? 

Before grabbing and stretching your balls, here are some precautionary actions you should take. After all, the balls have a thousand nerve endings, making it sensitive that a single kick on the balls would leave you breathless and writhing in pain. 

Ball stretching could improve your overall health if performed under ideal conditions and within a safe environment. Before starting, keep these in mind:

First, you should not pinch your actual testicles and pull them down because this is fatal. The only area you should put pressure in is the area directly below the shaft of your dick. By lifting your dick, you would see an area full of skin that is a gap between your dick and balls. 

This gap between your dick and balls is where you should apply pressure, whether you are using clamps or cock rings. Also, if you are a beginner, try squeezing that area with your hand to gauge how much tightness you can handle. If it causes any discomfort, loosen the pressure immediately. 

Showering lowers your body temperature and relaxes your nerves a bit which helps in alleviating the pain you might feel if you are starting. Doing it in the shower could feel a sense of safety before applying pressure on your balls.

Many doctors consider ball stretching a good exercise for reproductive health, and you could do it up to 5 times a day. Once you get the hang of it and like the feeling, this would feel like a routine for you.

If you are planning on buying ball stretchers, remember to use stainless metal or rubber only as these would not irritate the skin. Check the material and clean them first before you place it near your dick. Rusts and stains are automatically dealbreakers, even if you try to clean them off. 

Top reasons why you should do ball stretching

ball stretching

There are many reasons why men find it pleasing to stretch their balls. Here are some of the reasons to try it yourself: 

1. Increases sexual stimulation 

Although sexual stimulation varies from one person to another, many men say that tugging their balls gets them rock-hard. The feeling of stretched balls is also why many men prefer having their balls sucked while having a blowjob. If you want to experience this feeling, then you should try it!

Since ball stretchers work as a lock and tighten around your scrotum, they mimic the orgasmic feeling you have when you are close to cumming. Remember the tingling sensation that you have after you blasted a huge load? Stretching your balls could give you a similar feeling!  

After stretching your balls, masturbation and any sexual activity would feel more intense. Although for first-timers, stretching the testicles might make them blow their load faster, the orgasm is worth it! 

2. Low Hanging Balls pleasures men and women 

One of the most obvious results of stretching your balls is having a low-hanging scrotum which could help you please your sexual partner more. For men, the pleasure comes in a more intense orgasm. 

On the other hand, women gain pleasure from this scrotum through increased stimulation in their clitoris and vagina. Having a low-hanging scrotum during sex will result in your balls slamming to your partner’s pussy with every thrust you make. You could also wear your testicle devices while having sex to increase both stimulations.

3. Better ejaculation control 

In basic science, male orgasm occurs when sperm travels from the balls and exits through the penis. For this to happen, sexual stimulation must be significant enough to signal to your brain that it is time to ejaculate. However, if you have a stretched scrotum, there is a long tunnel that your semen must travel through before it is released. 

Even if you have increased sexual stimulation, it will take longer for you to ejaculate. Also, after you release your semen, your scrotum will not contract easily as it used to. By stretching your balls, you could now go into sex marathons like you always dreamed! 

4. Better Stamina

You can stay hard for longer by stretching your balls and having a low-hanging scrotum. Stretching your balls works like kegel exercises which lets you tighten your pelvic muscles and push more blood towards your penis. Although it might not work as great as cock rings, it would still increase your stamina within a noticeable margin

As your scrotum and dick get used to increased pressure, you will no longer have to worry about blowing your load too early. Indeed, this is something that you and your sexual partner would want. You could even let your sexual partner stretch your balls while you are fucking. 

5. The Looks

Regardless of your sexual preference, there are many sexual partners out there who find low-hanging balls sexy. Some men immediately get hard once they see low hanging scrotum of their sexual partner. For women, they start to get wet if you have these balls.

One of the reasons why many people find low-hangers attractive is because not many males have them. Also, it takes dedication and endurance to achieve balls that are low hanging, so it is an achievement already in itself. 

Even balls in piles of stretchers and other devices look excellent for some people. They highlight the scrotum more and give it a bigger look compared to seeing a bare scrotum. If you are looking for reasons to stretch your balls, then maybe achieving the sexually-appealing aesthetic of low-hanging balls would motivate you!

6. Increased awareness and feeling outside sex

In case you are wondering, stretching your balls has benefits outside sex. Many men say that stretching their balls made them more aware of their surroundings and helped them hone their senses. If you think about it, the more blood flow you have down your dick and balls, surely, you will feel goosebumps all over your body. 

Some men like the feeling of having ball stretchers even if they are not going to have sex. Even wearing it while walking adds to their confidence and uplifts their mood.

7. It Makes for a Great Fetish

Numerous males become curious about stretching their balls, and they later develop a fetish for it. While some veterans and stretching enthusiasts aim to have the lowest-hanging scrotums, some people only want to experience the feeling. 

If you are among the people who want to try it but are still confused, then don’t worry because it is normal. You could practice it on your own or have a stretching partner to make it more interesting for both of you. 

8. Detects penis abnormalities

Even if you have no medical expertise, you could stretch your balls to see if you have any testicular abnormalities. You would immediately see and feel whether it is an underlying skin condition or a damaged nerve. So if you experience discomfort while stretching, you need to consult a medical professional immediately.  

9. It reduces the possibility of inflammation in the body

Stretching your testicles works like a massage that relaxes the blood vessels and removes stiffness caused by heat and stress. So whenever you need to relax, you can stretch your balls and masturbate to relieve yourself.  

10. Improve your understanding of your testicles’ sensitive spots by 

By putting more pressure on your testicles, you would know which areas are more sensitive than the others. You could share this knowledge with your sexual partner to increase your sexual pleasure during your subsequent sexual encounter. 

Try ball stretching now! 

Are you excited to try stretching your testicles? Then what are you waiting for? Go and get those low-hangers now. 

But before you do, remember to prioritize your safety. If you want tools that will help you get hard and make it easier for you to stretch your testicles, you could check out this fantastic sex toy store

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