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Waifu Meaning: A Fictional Fetish

August 15, 2022

If you have unhindered internet access, there is a high chance that you have come across the word waifu. You might have encountered this while gaming with friends, scrolling through social media, or watching anime full of female characters. On your first encounter with the term, you might wonder about the waifu meaning.

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Waifu means a sexy adult female; most men develop a waifu fetish after learning about it. So if you want to know more about a waifu, here is some helpful information.

What is Waifu meaning in our society?

In Otaku culture, waifu is an English slang to depict a female anime character that is “wife-material” or someone you would marry. Waifus in anime are females who can get along with the other characters and have bright personalities. A waifu’s counterpart is a “husbando” or someone who is “husband-material”.

While some use the slang comedic, others take it seriously. In extreme cases, some otakus dedicate their lives to a waifu to the point where they would wear wedding bands or clothing with a female anime character printed on it. Of course, some people use waifu as their own term of endearment for their real-life romantic partners.

Nowadays, almost everyone is familiar with the term, extending its influence outside Asia, where it originated. Even if you are not an otaku, you could use it as a compliment or a term of endearment to your anime or real-life crush.

The waifu term became popular with the rise of anime and the internet. The search engine giant recorded waifu’s first appearance in their search engine in November 2007. Within months, it had its earliest definition in the Urban Dictionary on April 2, 2007.

Later, the term became so popular that it was also present in social media apps. It reached a point where the term waifu has influenced people to become hooked on anime films. Even those in an older age group began using the term to refer to their partners.

Even though otakus popularized the term initially, the context used was not heavily sexual. Most otakus refer to their waifus as legitimate romantic partners and not someone they would lust over with. However, it did not take long for people to link their sexual fantasies with the waifu term.

Is a waifu supposed to be sexy?

Waifus are your “ideal” woman you would marry, so it is ultimately up to you. If you feel like your ideal wife is someone who arouses you every day, then so be it. Some people have sexual fantasies about their waifus.

These sexual fantasies soon turn into a years-worth of fetish, pushing otakus to find sex toys such as blow-up dolls that look like their waifus. Some even make customized orders so their waifu toy’s appearance would be up to their preferences.

Top waifu toys that will hit the spot

Are you among those who have sexual fantasies about a waifu? Or are you someone who developed a waifu fetish and wants to satisfy it? You should check out these waifu toys that will get you horny and blow your load in minutes!

1. Puni Mitsu Soft 

what is waifu: toy

Otaku lovers have their version of what a waifu should look like, but EXE’s Puni Ana series provide a standard for waifus. In this version, the Puni Mitsu Soft features a blond waifu with outstanding design on the packaging and the onahole. On the outside, it looks like a serious waifu looking over her shoulder, but inside, you would feel a soft vaginal tunnel that could satisfy your fetish.

In her illustration, you can imagine what is under the dress of Puni Mitsu’s ruffled dress. The vaginal structure of Puni Mitsu features an outer labia with puffy skin and an inner labia with an arousing slit that helps your dick to slide easily. With a weight of 430 grams, you could use her vagina with one hand and watch your favorite waifu film on the other.

You might benefit from a soft material if you tend to climax sooner than you like or if you get overstimulated before you reach climax. With Puni Mitsu, you could apply any lubricant and begin pleasuring yourself with it. It has a vaginal tunnel that is 16.5cm long and 7.9cm wide that could fit your dick regardless of your length and girth.

2. A Bride on the Wedding Night

what does waifu mean

Have you experienced masturbating using a sock? This toy looks like your masturbation sock, but it would give more stimulation to your penis. One of the best ways to use this onahole is by holding one end of the toy and stretching the other upwards so that it would resemble a sock and get a good vacuum sensation.

This sex toy is ready to please you with a strong vacuum on the upper side as it slides up and down your dick. With its weight of 150 grams, 17cm long and 6cm wide tunnel, you would enjoy this toy.

3. Pure Bride Idealism 

waifu term

If you want a waifu toy with more depth, then you should try Pure Bride Idealism! This sex doll torso has curvy waists you could grip onto while you are fucking. Its 15cm long vaginal tunnel with a cervix structure inside is full of massage nubs and ridges that will envelop your dick. Also, the outer layer of this doll is soft so that you could have skin-on-skin action with it.

Thanks to its skeletal structure, this sex doll torso can balance itself in any position you want, whether you like to use it while lying on your bed or sitting back on your couch. With a few drops of lubrication, you could thrust her insides and feel a strong vacuum from its uterus sucking your dick until you blow your load. 

This toy’s packaging features a bride with an innocent face, so you would have something to look at while you are jacking off. Of course, you could also use this toy while watching your favorite waifus online!

Fulfill your Waifu fetish now!

Waifus are someone that you have been romantically attracted to, whether they are a fictional female anime character or someone in real life whom you have a crush on.

If you have a waifu fetish, there are many ways to satisfy it. You could use the toys listed above, check more at, or use your imagination! Don’t worry; having that fetish and satisfying it is normal, as long as you will not harm yourself or others.

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