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how to clean a fleshlight

Tips on How to Clean A Fleshlight

August 19, 2022

Knowing how to clean a fleshlight or any sex toy with a rubber material should be a requirement before buying one. This knowledge is important because many people treat their toys as something expendable. After all, some people have the budget to buy a new one and discard the old one. 

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But, if you are on a tight budget and cannot buy a new fleshlight easily, you have come to the right place. This guide will help you clean your fleshlight without damaging your fleshlight and without having to spend much on cleaning materials

Basics on how to clean a fleshlight 

Many beginners think doing laundry is similar to cleaning a fleshlight. But this is not always the case because of the fleshlight material’s sensitivity. So it is crucial to know which substance to pour, which tools to use, and how much pressure you would apply when scrubbing your fleshlight

how to clean a fleshlight - cleaning with water

1. Do not use bathroom or any household soaps 

Avoiding soaps might sound unusual because soap is known to clean almost anything in your home. However, most household soaps have cleaning agents that are harmful to the material of your fleshlight. Most fleshlights have TPE, silicone, or latex as their primary material, and these plastics react differently on soaps. 

Instead of bathroom soaps, you could purchase a Flesh Wash or any bactericide with the cleaning agent Chlorhexidine Digluconate. But, if you cannot find anything cheap with this ingredient, you could use rubbing alcohol and water mixture. 

Rubbing alcohol has a neutral reaction to the rubber material of fleshlights but acts as a good bacteriacide. It could clean any build-up of pre-cum, lubricant, and sweat that may be inside your toy since the last session. 

2. Apply warm water only 

When rinsing off your fleshlight, it is best to use warm water instead because it would add another level of sterilization. You could feel it on your hand to test if your water is warm enough. If it is too hot that it burns your hand, then cool the water first. 

Warm water also softens any left-over lubricant that turns into crusts inside your fleshlight. It would be best if you rinsed your fleshlight with warm water before applying any bacteriacide or scrubbing inside it. 

3. Remove internal dirt with soft-thistled brushes 

After you have rinsed your fleshlight, you could start brushing off the insides using a soft-thistle brush. You could use an old toothbrush when cleaning your fleshlight since its thistles are delicate but sturdy enough to pick up dirt. When scrubbing, apply light pressure like you would brush your teeth to avoid scraping off the fleshlight’s material. 

When scrubbing your fleshlight, start on the deepest part of your fleshlight’s hole to remove any build-up of liquid inside. If you see that your brush picked up dirt, clean it before inserting it inside and scrubbing your fleshlight. Repeat this until you have scrubbed your way up towards the hole. 

4. Prepare a separate basin for rinsing and drying 

After scrubbing off your fleshlight, you would rinse it off on a separate basin to avoid the dirt seeping back inside the hole. Do not worry if you cannot find any spare basin you might use. You could substitute any container that could fit your fleshlight. 

Your separate basin should be for drying and will be the “waiting” area for your fleshlight. Because once you scrub it off, you need to place the fleshlight upside-down to let all the liquids drop off from it. If you want, you could also dry your fleshlight in a towel rack, as long as it dries completely

5. Avoid using direct heat 

Avoid using a blower or other heating devices when drying your fleshlight. The heat from these devices is too hot for the fleshlight to handle. It might dry out the material and cause it to flake or even melt away. 

Additionally, direct sunlight might damage your fleshlight. So it is best to dry your fleshlight in a temperate area that is not too hot as it will damage your fleshlight or not too cold as it will cause bacteria to build up inside. 

6. Store it in a cool area until your next usage

Having conservative roommates or living with your parents might make it hard for you to use, clean, and store your fleshlight. But if you have personal drawers or a bag for your sex toys, you could keep your fleshlight here. As long as the storage area is somewhere cool and clean, your toy will stay clean. 

Why it is important to clean your fleshlight 

It might be a no-brainer, but knowing how to clean out a fleshlight makes you a responsible sex toy owner and protects you from diseases caused by unhygienic practices. Aside from your health, here are the other benefits of having a clean fleshlight:

Regularly cleaning your fleshlight helps it to satisfy your sexual urges longer! Think about it; you spent more than a hundred bucks for this. Would you not want to use it for many years to come? 

So if you are the type of person to spend on something that would benefit you for a long time, you should know how to clean your fleshlight. 

Although sex toys sold by authorized resellers such as Motsutoys are of high quality, they are prone to dirt build-up and decay. So if you leave your fleshlight dirty, the internal structure could deteriorate. 

A clean fleshlight lets you efficiently use your lubricants because there is no dirt blocking the ridges and becoming a hindrance inside. A clean vaginal tunnel in your fleshlight would let the lubricants stay longer inside. So by cleaning your toy often, you would save up money on lube bottles too! 

Your penis has skin protecting hundreds of blood vessels and veins, so it is important that you only insert it on clean surfaces. If bacteria builds up on a fleshlight where you repeatedly thrust your penis inside, it will cause serious skin problems. 

Although you will not get STDs from dirty fleshlights, you might feel irritable itchiness in your penis. A dirty fleshlight could also leave red patches on your penile skin. 

Clean your fleshlight after every use!

Fleshlights are excellent investments because they let you relieve your stress, and to some people, it helps with various mental conditions. 

Some men use it whenever they are lonely but have sexual urges, while others use it to train their stamina. Regardless of which purpose you use your fleshlight for, you should know how to properly clean a fleshlight and keep it clean after every masturbation session

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