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Brain Fleshlight

Brain Fleshlight: A Toy That Literally Blows Minds

May 30, 2022

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Many people know Japan for its beautiful sceneries and picturesque cities, but it is also home to the weirdest sex toys, such as a Brain Fleshlight. No matter how strange, Japanese adult toy manufacturers use different fetishes and kinks as inspiration. 

One might wonder, “who would ever be enticed by a Brain Fleshlight?” The answer is simple: many pleasure-seekers are curious enough to try this sex toy. The Brain Fleshlight models are from different brands offered to the public with unique marketing strategies. 

Sex toys in Japan have English names because of the country’s fondness for the language. Also, English has a particular sound that appeals to many markets. One manufacturer, Tama Toys, renamed their Brain Fleshlight the “Brain Fucker”. Their marketing strategy focuses on people collecting weird fleshlight designs or having a brain fetish to satisfy. 

The Fleshlight that will Blow your Mind 

Curiosity is one of the many motivators why there are people who are interested in the Brain Fleshlight. Its unique design veers away from the traditional makeup of fleshlights, including hips, mini breasts, or an anus. 

Screenshot of Brain Fleshlight

One of the first manufacturers of a Brain Fleshlight was Tamatoys. Back in 2019, the brand first released its Brain Fleshlight under the name of Puru Puru Brain Fucker. From its literal Japanese Translation, “Puru Puru” means squiggly and soft. Tamatoys is known for releasing fleshlights with unique designs. Before their Brain Fleshlight, they released an ear-canal-inspired fleshlight. 

Brain Fucker from Tamatoys gained online attention quickly, and search engine searches increased daily. However, some Japanese users did not give kind reviews on the product. Some were outright negative and even discouraged other users from purchasing it. After too many negative public reviews, Tamatoys discontinued the Brain Fucker line of fleshlight for a few months. 

Outside Japan, there is no shortage of fleshlight enthusiasts, which is why many clamored to bring the Brain Fleshlight back. Thankfully, Tamatoys were far from being done with developing their Brain Fleshlight. Not only did they resume manufacturing some weeks after, but Tamatoys also released a mini version of this. Other manufacturers also took advantage of the trend and produced their brands of fleshlight modeled after a human brain. 

How do you use Brain Fleshlight?

Users could use it as a regular fleshlight. There is a hole in the middle of the Brain where you can insert your genitals. When you purchase, a free tube of lotion or a lubricant is packaged along with the Brain Fleshlight. Lubricating it before inserting your genitals is an excellent way to maximize the texture and avoid injuries. You can also use this to help you control ejaculations. 

Whether you are a fleshlight enthusiast or a so-called “Sapiosexual,” this sex toy will help you experience a unique sexual pleasure. Although the Brain Fleshlight’s design is a bit macabre because it has the ridges and lines of a real brain, the hole itself is tight enough to get you off. The Brain Fleshlight weighs about 1 kilogram and is handy enough to use in one hand. Weird enough, this weight is also equivalent to an average human brain.  

How does it feel?

It feels like a regular fleshlight, with a tighter hole. The sensation is more of a placebo because of its design, a real human brain. Aside from the human brain inspiration, there is not much difference between a Brain Fleshlight from your regular pocket pussy

The initial sensation feels tighter than a regular fleshlight, so lubricating first before inserting your genitals is best. The Brain Fleshlight’s tunnel has a smooth texture and length of three inches. Pressure from the ridges would come down on your genitals, and you can squeeze it if you want to feel a tighter Brain Fleshlight. If your junk is long enough, you can feel the wall of the Brain at the other end for more sexual pleasure. 

With each stroke from the Brain Fleshlight, you can feel a gentle heat in your genitals because the opening is close to the bottom layer of the fleshlight. The bottom layer is from an elastic material that is durable enough to handle your squeezes and soft enough to give your genitals a pleasurable experience. 

One disadvantage of this is that it leaves no room for semen to pour due to its tight tunnel and opening. There is no available valve to collect it if you ejaculate inside. After you relieve yourself, removing the fleshlight is a must! Your semen might spurt out and make a mess outside the fleshlight. 

How do you clean it?

With semen spurting out of the fleshlight, it is unsanitary to have your genitals inserted into it for long periods. There is a risk that you would make a mess after using the this, so here are some tips on cleaning it and storing it safely for re-use.

By design, this is probably one of the easiest fleshlights to clean but not the best for short-term or long-term durability. The tunnel design of the Brain Fucker Mini features many underside lines, and the material is soft. Most materials wear down and accumulate molds after two months without cleaning them. 

Put this under any source of running water to wash down accumulated dirt from the inside. Afterward, prepare a bowl of warm water and add a few drops of liquid soap or body wash. Submerge your Brain Fleshlight in the bowl for a few minutes. If you have an unused toothbrush or an unused metal straw cleaner, you can use this to scrub it from the inside thoroughly. Give it another rinse in a separate bowl with only warm water, and then remove it from the bowl to dry. 

Brain Fleshlight: Is it worth buying or trying?

There is no “social standard for sexual fetishes. If you are a fleshlight enthusiast or a collector who wants to try out different fleshlight designs, then you should try out a Brain Fleshlight. You could also enjoy this if you want a tighter fleshlight with a slightly extraordinary design. However, be careful not to show it to your coworkers or friends, as they might not have the same preferences as yours. 

As long as you use the Brain Fleshlight for your enjoyment and use the correct lube, there is nothing wrong with using it. Remember to clean it frequently, and do not squeeze as tight to cause injury to your genitals.

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