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5 Tested Ways on How to Make a Fleshlight at Home

July 22, 2022

Due to budget issues, some people are curious about how to make a fleshlight at home. When it comes to fleshlights and getting sexual satisfaction, money shouldn’t be an issue. In fact, it is easy to create one using things you could find at home.

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Are you curious on how to make a fleshlight?

If you asked yourself that question, then you’re not alone. Many people are curious how to do it and what are the benefits of using one. DIY fleshlights are among the weird sex toys but could give you a more convenient sexual adventure. 

Before you ransack your home searching for stuff you could use to make a fleshlight, you should prepare the basic materials. These materials would help you build a fleshlight case. Once you assembled the case, you could explore which stuff would feel good when you insert your dick inside them. 

Materials you would need 

You’re probably mistaken if you think every hole is as good as a fleshlight. You must not insert your dick inside any hole that is not safe for the skin, does not have a stable structure, and is not waterproof. 

But don’t worry because here are some materials that will help you create a safe, tight, and enjoyable fleshlight.

Rubber bands

The bands will hold together the components of your homemade fleshlight. It is a cheap yet effective material that keeps your toy from falling apart. 

When using rubber bands, take note of the pressure it applies on your fleshlight’s component. If it is too tight, the parts might blow up. If it is too loose, you won’t get the tight sensation once you put your dick inside the fleshlight.  

So it is best to have a roll of rubber bands ready. Having a roll ready will let you add or reduce rubber bands as necessary when assembling your DIY fleshlight. You could look around the house and pick up as many rubber bands as possible before creating your toy.

Scissors and shears

Almost everyone has scissors and shears in their homes. You’d be surprised at how helpful these tools would be when creating your fleshlight. With these two, you could adjust the length or width of the other parts.

Using scissors and shears is an excellent way to ensure that the toy gives your dick a snug fit. With a few snips using these tools, your fleshlight could look and feel like it’s store-bought. 

Measuring tools

Measuring tools such as measuring tape, a stick, or a simple ruler would make your life easier. When creating a fleshlight at home, measurements could be the difference between wasting your time and creating a toy you would enjoy. 

With measuring tools, you could determine how long your fleshlight would be, how heavy it would feel on your hand, and how deep you should allot for the pussy hole. Without these, some people rely on assumptions and silly guesses, which could turn into disappointing results.  

Duct tape 

Similar to the purpose of rubber bands, duct tape will connect the parts of your homemade fleshlight altogether. If you are wondering if you could use other tapes for a fleshlight, the answer is yes but it’s not the best. Duct tape’s properties make it the most appropriate for a fleshlight.

Polyethylene coating makes duct tape waterproof so it can soak up lubricant or your precum when using the fleshlight. If you use other tapes, they could soak up the fluids and become loose over time. Also, duct tapes have smooth textures and will not cause blisters on your dick when you’re using a fleshlight

Cylindrical cans 

A cylindrical can is the cheapest option when building a fleshlight case. You could use cans of your favorite potato chips since most of it is plastic. If you use cans made of aluminum or other metals, rust might build up on them if exposed to fluids such as lubricants and your semen. 

Remember to wash and clean the can before building your DIY fleshlight. It would be best to remove food crumbs or dust inside the cans. 

Latex Gloves

Latex Gloves are important if you want to create a fleshlight at home. These gloves will make up the “pussy” walls of your toy. You could get a cheap pair at any hardware store if you don’t have one. 

These gloves are waterproof and compatible with lubricants. You could wrap this inside a cylindrical can, and it would feel smooth inside.

Five ways how to make a DIY fleshlight efficiently

household stuff to create your fleshlight

Once you have the materials above ready, you could create the sleeves or the “pussies” of your fleshlight. You could use stuff that you could use at home. But before using them, remember to clean them and check if they are stable enough to withstand your thrusts

Here are some ways you could use household stuff to create your fleshlight. 

1. Using socks

You might have seen it in a famous movie, wherein the male character uses socks and lubricants to jerk off. Well, there is some truth to that. You could use your socks as your fleshlight sleeve! 

You could use any socks for your homemade fleshlight if you washed them beforehand. To create a fleshlight out of your socks, you could stack them side-by-side and then fold the toes so that it faces downwards. 

Next, fold the latex gloves around the sock as if they were a sandwich. Remember to leave about 2 inches of gloves sticking out as these flaps would be the labia. 

You could put a rubber band or duct tape around your sock sandwich. Once your sock sandwich is intact, you could tape it to a cylindrical can until it has a snug fit. You could use more socks if you want a thicker sleeve. Using cushioned socks will also give off a soft and warm feeling if used as a pussy sleeve. 

2. Maximizing your hand towels

Aside from socks, you could use your hand towels. These towels are absorbent, and their cloth has a smooth texture when wet. If you only have old and rough hand towels at home, you could iron them out before using them as a pussy sleeve. 

The tightness of the pussy sleeve depends on how many towels you would use. You could make a fleshlight with one by folding it to make it narrow. Next, place your latex gloves between the folds, and then roll the towel to secure the gloves in place. 

Once you have rolled the towel to a desirable width, wrap as many rubber bands as necessary around it. You could then tape your towel pussy sleeve on your can. 

3. Converting your sponges

Remember that you only need the soft, cushioned part of the sponge, not the rough end. You should use a new sponge as your pussy sleeve for best results. 

Sponges are highly absorbent and have good grip and durability. Some even say using a sponge is the closest thing to an actual fleshlight pussy sleeve. So here’s how to use one as your pussy sleeve. 

First, get at least two sponges and sandwich them together as you do to a sock fleshlight. Then measure the width of your sponge sandwich to see if it fits the can. If it’s too big, you could cut it until you can insert it inside the can.

Next, wrap your latex gloves around the sponge sandwich and secure it tightly with rubber bands or duct tapes. If you feel the hole is too shallow for your penis length, you could cut a deep hole with a knife or a stick. Remember to remove the latex gloves before cutting a hole down your sponge sandwich. 

4. Experimenting with cornstarch

If you have leftover cornstarch from your baking delights, you could transform it into a sexual delight. You need at least 150 grams of cornstarch, about 250 ml of water, and a glass taller than your penis. Using cornstarch, you would create a mold that could serve as a pussy sleeve. 

Cornstarch is a slippery substance when mixed with water, and it would feel amazing on your dick. The feeling would be that of a real vagina wall with natural lubrication. So to create a cornstarch mold that you could fuck, the first step is to pour water and cornstarch into the glass. 

Stir the mixture for about 5 minutes and then microwave it for about 2 minutes. Once it becomes firm, you could push down a stick to create a hole. Next, cool it down for about 40 minutes before duct taping it to your fleshlight case.

Use these tips on how to make a DIY fleshlight to create yours now!

Are you excited to create your homemade fleshlight? Choose one of the tested ways above on how to create a fleshlight, and try making your one now! 
You could make things more interesting by using these onaholes as your inspiration. These toys could give you an idea of how to customize your fleshlight’s aesthetic elements, texture, and shape!

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