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ona hole guide

A Guide for First Time Ona Hole Buyers

July 25, 2022

Did you know that Japan is not only a place full of beautiful landscapes but also the origin of ona hole? If you are not yet familiar with it, ona holes are the Japanese version of fleshlights. With the rise of anime among the public, it did not take long before sexual fantasies influenced the genre. 

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People often associate ona holes with anime tropes such as cute brides, sultry step sisters, and feisty, petite girls. If you love anime and want to explore the sexual side of it, using ona holes is the safest way to go. So, here is a guide that could help you spend wisely on your first ona hole.

Is an Ona Hole different from other sex toys? 

The structure is the main difference between an ona hole and other sex toys such as a fleshlight. Ona Holes are similar to pocket pussies and pussy sleeves but have more firmness and balance. 

Compared to a pocket pussy and sleeve that needs a case and a firm grip, you can use ona holes with or without your hands. This design reduces the need for you to exert stress on your wrists or arms.  

Different types of ona holes

Before buying your first ona hole, you should know that it has different versions. Here are some of the highlights of each version, so you can choose what you prefer

Pocket version 

how to buy pocket ona hole
Source: Motsutoys

Pocket ona holes generally have a minimal design on their exterior. It looks like a pocket pussy but with a firmer wall. This version could be your go-to toy if you want a handy masturbation hole. You could jerk off and clean quickly using a pocket version due to their size. 

While most pocket ona holes have the same outside features and size, they have different vaginal tunnels inside. Some toys have narrow tunnels, while others have more ridges and suction cups inside. 

Read the labels before completing the transaction to get the most out of your first purchase. Almost all the manufacturers and brands include product details such as vaginal structure, toy size, and anime inspiration for your sex toy. It pays to read not just the product price but a summary of what you will be getting.

Ona hole with hips

how to buy ona hole with hips
Source: Motsutoys

If you want a hands-free experience with ona holes, you could use this toy. The hips make these toys more stable than the pocket version. You could lay on top of the toy, thrust it inside, or sit it on your lap. 

Thanks to the other plastic hips, you could grip this sex toy for more intense thrusts. Aside from the hips, this version typically has two holes for you to play. Imagine all the positions you could have with this version. 

So if you want a more stable sex toy that you could put anywhere to fuck, try this. Although it might be a hassle to store compared to a pocket toy, the pleasure it brings will be worth it. 

Large ona holes 

how to buy big ona holes
Source: Motsutoys

Of course, large versions of this sex toy often feature additional parts such as hips, torso, and breasts. Although large ona holes may be similar to a full-sized sex doll, the body shape is different. 

Large ona holes generally have slim waists, enlarged breasts, plump butts, and thick thighs. On the other hand, full-sized sex dolls have an inflated-looking body shape. Also, large ona-holes usually do not have a complete set of limbs and a head compared to a full-sized sex doll. 

Like ona holes with hips, large ona holes have a vaginal and an anal wall to play. Large ona holes also come with breasts and a plump ass to enjoy. Keep in mind that if you want to go for this type of toy, you should allot space in your room or your cabinet for storage.  

5 things to check before buying an Ona Hole

Once you pick up which type of toy you want, all that is left is to buy it. Here is some vital information to help you make a wise purchase. 

1. Material used

The material in ona holes is similar to other fleshlights. Generally, silicone, TPE, or latex is the toy’s primary material for the skin, tunnels, and walls. 

While it may not mean much at first, reading the material could help you save money and, in some cases, your life. For example, there are some people who have skin allergies when they come into contact with silicone or latex. If they insert their penis inside a toy made of these materials for a long time, severe allergic reactions might happen.  

But if you have no skin allergies, you have to check which material has the best compatibility with lubricants. Sometimes, silicone ona holes are only compatible with specialized lubricants. If you want the best toy, try choosing the one with TPE material since it is compatible with most lubricants and nontoxic for humans. 

However, TPE material is known to have low thermal conductivity. This conductivity level means the material gets cold quickly, and you would have to soak it with warm water or heat it externally before using it. No one wants to use a cold hole to masturbate. 

2. Brand and price

The following information you should pay attention to is the brand and the price of the toy you want. It is a fact that there are brands that create better sex toys than others. So, of course, you would only want what is best for you and your dick. 

If you find a toy from a reputable brand, you should check the price, especially if you pay with cards. All brands and sellers should post the item’s price in their catalog, but sometimes additional fees arise. These fees are shipping costs, handling costs, or other value-added services. 

Getting a toy from a credible brand for a good deal might be your best first-time purchase experience. To do so, do not be afraid to do your research and ask questions to other customers and even to the seller if you are unsure of anything. 

3. Storage and maintenance instructions

If you want your toy to be durable and withstand the wear-and-tear, you should care for it properly. With proper care, you could use your toy for many years, and it would still look and feel brand new. You can do so by reading and following the instructions on storing onahole.

First-time buyers should remember that bathroom soaps or laundry detergents harm ona holes. These substances would damage the material and cause it to dry out and break apart quickly. 

It is best to clean your toys with bactericides sold by the same toy brands. But, if you do not have the budget, you could use warm water and a rubbing alcohol mixture to clean it.

4. Texture Type

Many males think that tightness is always good. They often believe that the tighter the hole, the better orgasm they will have. This statement is not entirely true. In reality, it could even lead to severe injury and health risks. That is why you should consider the texture of the toy you would be buying.

Science tells us that the mindset of tight vaginas or tight holes giving incredible orgasms is only an urban myth. So, if you put too much pressure on your penis and shove it into a too-tight space, you could damage the blood vessels. Later on, you could develop erectile problems.  

Some brands sell different texture types, such as soft, medium, and hard. For first-timers, it is important to determine the tightness of each texture type before buying onahole. You could start with the soft and then once your penis adapts, go for the higher levels. 

Do not worry if you might accidentally buy a toy with a loose hole because every hole has a design similar to a real vagina. Also, increasing the tightness could be done quickly by squeezing the hole together, so you will not have to pay extra. 

5. Design and external appearance

Take note of the toy’s design, such as the appearance of the labia, curves, and skin color. Does the toy’s external appearance fit your preferences? If yes, then grab it quickly to have fun with it!  

Having a toy with a good design could add up to the excitement and the stimulation you would feel. After all, a good orgasm is also dependent on the build-up. 

Make your first Ona Hole purchase now! 

If you want the best deals from a vast catalog of ona holes, try buying at Motsutoys. They have many payment options available and could ship to any major city worldwide. 

At Motsutoys, you have the privilege of discreet shipping to order and safely get the toy you want. So what are you waiting for? Buy your first ona hole now! 

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