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10 Tentacle Sex Toys You Should Get

September 23, 2022

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When you hear about tentacle sex toys, you might think it’s crazy weird. But once you experience it, you will surely have to think again!

It is impossible to talk about Japanese adult fetishes without mentioning tentacle sex (also known as tentacle rape). In Japanese, it is called shokushu goukan. This niche is featured mostly in porn with octopus aliens invading women. 

Their long slimy tentacles penetrated the women’s holes, nearly making their insides burst. The suction cups attach to their breasts and clitoris, producing an otherworldy sensation that no one can recover from! And, let us not forget about the creampie- shall we? Its volume is outstanding; the women’s whole bodies are covered in this hot, bittersweet liquid. 

Do you still think it’s crazy weird? Or have we got your attention enough that you now think it’s uncanny but in an extremely satisfying way? If you want to fulfill that fantasy, here are the Top 10 tentacle sex toys you should get!

Must-Buy Tentacle Sex Toys

Goku Hida Virgin Octopus

tentacle sex toys

Who says there are only tentacle sex toys for penetration? There are also ones that you can penetrate with your shaft!

The Goku-Hida Virgin Octopus is an onahole that isn’t just a gimmick. You can feel its tentacle-inspired tunnel grab onto you tightly while the suction cups stick to your shaft. 

The outside of this onahole looks similar to what we are used to from G-Project. It is rounded and has a thin middle part making it very comfortable to hold in your hand. Thus, it is easy for you to use. 

There is a slit on the front, which looks like a stylized cameltoe pussy. With a design like this, it’s easy to slide in and very durable. Delicate little labia can get damaged or torn over time, ruining the onahole’s appearance.

Goku Hida Virgin Octopus weighs 300 grams, which is ideal for single-handed onaholes. You can easily use it with one hand over long sessions. Plus, the walls are thick enough to push back against you with every thrust, making it feel lifelike.

Glowing Fantasy Tentacle Dildo

glowing tentacle sex toys

These glowing tentacle sex toys are just too beautiful to look at! These toys will surely take your masturbation or sex life to the next level. 

Imagine yourself in a dark room; this apparatus is the only thing glowing right before you. It looks like a beacon of light ready to penetrate and let you burst with pleasure. 

With a perfect taper from tip to bottom, this tentacle dildo is a great toy for both beginners and experienced users. You’ll keep coming back for more and more, thanks to the combination of sensational suction cups and just-right corners!

It is made from 100% human-safe liquid silicone, so don’t worry; it’s safe to use! You can enjoy its maximum potential by placing it under direct sunlight for at least 5 minutes. Then, during the night, it will radiate its beautiful light inside you! 

Silky Smooth Tentacle Tickler Dildo

best tentacle toys

If you are looking for tentacle sex toys that will spice up your alone time, this is the best toy! 

Getting bored with your usual kinky time is normal. But you can elevate the experience with an outrageous sex toy. This tentacle dildo fulfills this function. 

You can always count on this sex toy to deliver high-quality action, and the textured lining provides an added sensation. With the suction cup at the bottom, this plaything allows you to enjoy it hands-free. Moreover, it hits all the right spots, so prepare for sensory overload!

Tentickle Tenton

best tentacle toys onahole

Tentickle’s original toy, Tenton, holds a special place in the line-up.

With Tenton’s tapered tip, you’ll feel at ease as you slowly open up the soft tentacle girth. Moreover, those textured suckers will delight you inside and out, as well as its proud S-shaped pose.

Despite his stout build, Tenton has a sweet personality and a great sense of humor. They are generous and ask for very little in return; they just want you to have fun and cuddle them occasionally.

Mr. Hankey Taintacle

tentacle hentai toys

Mr. Hankey Taintacle is undeniably one of the best tentacle sex toys. It’s stunning to look at, and that’s what matters most. There was a lot of time and effort put into making the perfect toy for tentacle fetishists.

Moreover, its super-soft silicone material is safe for the body. With a medium-firm and 75% soft texture, the silicone material strikes the perfect balance between firmness and softness. The steady shaft won’t back down, so you can enjoy the smooth gliding action while still drooling.

The Taintacle also works well for anal sex. With its s-shaped shaft and pointed tip, the product hits the P-spot on guys. The green tentacle dildo tickles your deepest desires as it makes its way past the hilt, while the suckers on the shaft add further pleasure when rubbed against your clitoris.

Lovehoney Tentacle Glass Dildo

pink tentacle hentai toys

You will be able to locate and stimulate your G-spot with ease with the Lovehoney Tentacle hentai glass dildo. This is made possible thanks to its rock-solid, curved shaft. 

With its hypoallergenic properties, temperature responsiveness, and compatibility with all lubes, the dildo is versatile and dynamic. In addition, the curved end of this glass dildo makes retrieval easy.

With its intelligently curved shaft and pronounced pleasure nubs, you’re sure to enjoy increased arousal and stimulation. There’s more to it than that, though. Throughout the shaft’s length, there are rows of bumps and vein-like ridges that elevate the orgasms. With a total length of 6 inches (4.5 inches insertable), the nubs are sure to deliver toe-curling orgasms.

The glass tentacle dildo is not only super firm and satisfying but also beautiful. The pink tentacle looks immaculate in every inch, further complementing its already glamorous profile. Moreover, these glass sex toys are submersible, so you can use them in the shower or bath. Maintenance is a breeze, and it’s easy to clean.

Uberrime Teuthida

tentacle dildo

Uberrime’s Teuthida may just be what you’re looking for if you want to try tentacle dildos for yourself.

The silicone dildo costs around $70, which is about average in terms of tentacle size. For beginners, there is a rounded tip for comfortable insertion.

Despite its softness, it feels firm enough to not fold by itself during thrusting. Suckers run down the front in two columns, similar to a giant squid’s tentacle. As opposed to a squid’s outward-protruding tentacle suckers, these suckers have a concave shape With this feature, cleanup becomes easier and faster for you.

Tentacle Hentai Dildo

multiple tentacle dildo

Are you a fan of hands-free play? In that case, Tentacle Hentai Dildo is the best hands-free tentacle toy for your fantasy sex toy collection. With its smooth tapered tip, it delivers pristine rumbles whenever you need them.

This tentacle-shaped dildo is made of hypoallergenic, body-safe silicone, which makes it feel realistic yet dominant. It’s also waterproof, letting you experience Hentai sensations in the shower or bath. Make sure you use only water-based lubes. This way cleaning and maintaining the toy will be easier.

Further, the well-defined suckers and rows offer a new dimension of play, rubbing your clit and vaginal walls together.

Uberrime Deep Diver

tentacle dildo onahole

You can fulfill your wildest tentacle fantasies with Deep Diver, a silicone dildo that glows in the dark. Originally developed by Whipspider Tentacle, the 6.25 inch G-Spot dildo measures 6 inches in diameter. After halting its production, Marco reanalyzed the original Deep Diver, made a few improvements, and created this masterpiece.

There are suckers on one side of this dildo, adding a different dimension of pleasure to the shaft. We love it for stimulating G-spots and P-spots thanks to its slightly pointed tip, which targets the G-spot perfectly.

Moreover, the flared base makes it much easier to grip and enhances its anal safety. It also stands upright thanks to an extra half-inch of material at the base.

The quality of this handmade Uberrime sex toy is of the highest artisan quality. Its makers put a great deal of thought into every aspect of the design, from the shaft to the suckers included. Moreover, the Deep Diver looks uniquely colorful with its marbled red/orange and electric violet pigments and glow-in-the-dark suckers.

Bad Dragon Ika

two colors tentacle sex toys

Bad Dragon’s Ika tentacle sex toys come in a variety of sizes. Plus the good thing about these naughty things is that they are highly customizable!

Bad Dragon tentacle dildo is crafted out of platinum-grade silicone with the highest quality. A firm yet flexible shaft slides through to the G-Spot and P-Spot easily, tickling the right spots perfectly – as it should.

Customization is available for the Bad Dragon dildo. You can choose the size, color, and firmness to meet your specific needs. More than 30 color presets, five different sizes, and three firmness degrees are available.

The shaft was another feature you will surely like about this toy. There are dominant suckers and ridges on the giant tentacle dildo to heighten your pleasure. Although the texture looks rough, it glides over your clitoris smoothly for a nice blend of orgasms.

Overall, Ika is the model with the most customizations on our list. It is definitely worth the money!

Experience Pleasure Like You Never Did Before

With tentacle sex toys, you can experience the pleasure that is incomparable to what you felt before. The suction cups, shape, and pointed tip- these features all go in harmony in delivering various kinds of feelings and experiences.

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