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TPE Kink: What is TPE Material in Sex Toys and Is it Safe?

June 20, 2022

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Almost everyone has common kinks on female body parts, but some have unique kinks, such as the TPE Kink. As long as kinks such as being aroused to the weirdest hentai or domination do not become an addiction or a toxic obsession, they are healthy. TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomers, a special type of rubber used in sex toys. 

Since not all sex toys have TPE, people with this kink often scrutinize product labels before purchasing sex toys. With TPE sex toys, people with TPE kinks get different sexual pleasures. The mere knowledge that they are masturbating with TPE sex toys makes these people more aroused. Additionally, they can reach orgasm quickly by using TPE sex toys

How is TPE material different from other rubbers?

Many people are familiar with rubber as a waterproof, fire-resistant, and elastic material that can be found on various products such as car tires and work boots. But there are different kinds of rubbers, TPE material in sex toys being one of them

When compared to all the different types of rubber, scientists consider TPE the safest material. According to research, TPE is one of the few types of rubber that is biodegradable, non-toxic, and decomposable in a landfill. 

Other than TPE kink, silicone is another type of rubber used in sex toys. Silicone is also crucial for cosmetic surgeries due to its safe, non-toxic properties. TPE kink people often use silicone as a comparison when buying sex toys because both rubber types have almost the same elasticity and abrasion resistance. TPE, on the other hand, can be molded without vulcanization and is easier and cheaper to manufacture.  

Top 3 TPE Sex Toys

Perhaps you have a TPE Kink that you have not yet discovered, or you just want to switch to TPE Sex toys? We have compiled a list of the best TPE sex toys, so if you are looking for one, you are in luck!

1. Ereshkigal Cherry

According to Sumerian mythology, Ereshkigal Cherry represents the underworld. She oversees the realm of the dead and takes care of souls until they find their final destination. This onahole depicts a different aspect of the powerful goddess Ereshkigal. Instead of being an underworld deity, she is your cock’s servant with an ass as plump as a cherry. 

TPE Kink

This Ereshkigal Cherry onahole has a full torso and weighs about 6 kgs. Its hips are about 30 cm wide. Whether she is bent over in a dog-like position, lying on her back with her legs spread, or riding with you in a cowgirl-like manner, her design looks great from every angle.

As you stretch her lower back, the belly muscles stand out nicely, as do the back muscles. Over Ereshkigal’s beautifully rounded butt, there are two tiny dimples. Finally, Ereshkigal Cherry’s vagina looks realistic. It features high-quality TPE material molded into great detail. Ereshkigal’s skin has little bumps, lines, and folds that appear natural.

Ereshkigal Cherry is not just beautiful on the outside, but it also has inner textures that you will love! Featuring a vaginal and anal tunnel that is both tight and stretchable, this onahole is ideal for those with TPE Kinks that want a higher sexual experience

As you enter Ereshkigal’s pussy, you will pass two layers of ridges best penetrated with lube as you move. Within these layers, you feel a combination of bumps and suction holes squeezing against you as you thrust forward. Towards the back of the two layers, you will find a narrow tunnel section that is 14cm long and full of pearl-like circles. If your dick is long enough, you could penetrate Ereshkigal’s tight womb that will massage your dick from tip to shaft. 

If Ereshkigal’s vaginal tunnel is not enough to make you ejaculate, you should also try her “underworldly” pleasures. Her anal tunnel is 12cm long and is tighter than her vaginal tunnel. When penetrating her anus, it is best to use water-based lubricants. The narrow ridges that squeeze and cling onto your dick with every thrust inside her asshole will feel better with lubricant.

2. Puni Ana Miracle DX

Do you like large TPE sex toys with a full torso you can grab onto while masturbating? The Puni Ana Miracle DX might be the one for you! It features sexually arousing TPE material molded from its neck to the ass. In addition to that, this crazy sex toy measures 50 cm long and weighs just 10 kg!

Moreover, Puni Ana has large TPE-filled breasts that feel realistic and are squeezable. If you have enough lube, you could even slide your dick in between her breasts and fuck her Russian style! While you fuck her with every thrust, you can slap and grope her breasts as they bounce up and down.

Puni Ana Miracle DX TPE Material in Sex Toys

Puni Ana has two full-TPE holes below her breasts, a narrow vaginal tunnel, and an even narrower anal tunnel. Due to her full torso, each tunnel will squeeze and push against your dick with every thrust. Her vagina has a tight tunnel with a puffed-up labia on the outside, while her asshole has a small hole that stretches wide. 

Using Puni Ana is simple. Start applying lube into either of her holes, hold onto her hips tightly and slowly penetrate her. You could thrust harder and faster whenever you wanted. If you want to start with her vaginal tunnel, prepare to be massaged by dozens of nubs that give off a vacuum sensation. A narrow TPE material in this sex toy tunnel is filled with small bumps will greet your dick when you get deeper than the vaginal entrance. Toward the back of the tunnel, the bumps become slightly wider to give a snug fit to your sensitive cock tip.

Would you like something a little tighter? Try entering her asshole, which has an entirely different internal texture and design. Within the anal tunnel, multiple ridges and bumps will envelop your cock. Keeping your orgasm in for longer periods may be challenging due to the tightness of her anal tunnel. You might even end up ejaculating within minutes inside.  

3. KYO Beat

Maybe this last TPE sex toy on the list will pique your interest if you did not like the two TPE sex toys above! The KYO Beat specializes in a hands-free masturbation experience for people with a TPE Kink and other demanding people who want to ejaculate without a hassle

KYO features a fully-automatic suction cup that fits snugly on different penis sizes. Additionally, you can attach it to a stand that balances well on the floor, table, couch, or bed so that you can masturbate in your preferred position and style. Kyo Beat’s lightweight material and 365-gram weight allow you to use it while standing, sitting, or lying down. 

what is tpe material

Using KYO’s hands-free masturbation feature, you can watch your favorite erotica or pornographic video sitting on the couch or lying on your bed. The masturbation speed that KYO gives you can even be adjusted based on how aroused you are by the video. Experience the pleasure of KYO moving up and down your dick with its tight TPE material vagina

KYO Beat is perfect for longer masturbation sessions because it has a battery life of 180 minutes. Due to KYO’s tight vaginal tunnel, most people cannot last long. However, if you feel you are better than most people and are up for a challenge, you can try on tighter cocksleeves on KYO Beat! 

Changing its sleeves is easy. Start by turning off the sex toy and removing it from its cover. Then, remove the old cocksleve by twisting the casing and substituting it with the new one. To secure your new cocksleeve, twist the casing in the opposite direction until it locks securely and fits well into the whole toy. 

Turning on and interacting with KYO Beat’s interface is straightforward. To start, press its single power button. Hold the power button for two seconds if you want to turn it off. To explore KYO Beat’s different masturbation modes, briefly press the power button to cycle through the modes

Here are some tips for cleaning it properly without damaging the internal wire structure. Begin by turning off the device and removing the cocksleeve. Use alcohol and running water to clean the cocksleeve. Do not use soap, as it will degrade the material. Next, to clean the casing, you could wipe it with a damp microfiber cloth. Do not pour water into the casing as it will damage the internal wire structure. Lastly, dry the cocksleeve thoroughly before putting it back on the casing. 

Trust your TPE Kink and use only safe sex toys. 

If you have a TPE Kink, do not be afraid of being labeled as “too sensitive” when choosing sex toys. Based on numerous studies, TPE material caters to people with different skin allergies and conditions. The polymer in TPE also adapts to various temperatures and liquids, making it compatible with various lubricants. So be confident in your kink and use it to your advantage. 

With TPE material sex toys, you can explore your sexuality using safe sex toys because many consider the material the highest-quality and safest material for sex toys

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