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testicle massage

Testicle Massage: Some Tips and Toys to Help You Out

July 15, 2022

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Why is testicle massage important?

When giving sexual pleasure to men, we always think it’s about their dong and neglect the best part. You see, a part of men’s bodies that satisfies them a lot- their balls. Think of it this way- they badly get hurt when kicked in the nuts, right? That is because of the many nerve endings in their testicles. 

The nerve endings in their balls allow them to become extra sensitive to sensations. That means their balls can’t just feel extra pain; they can also feel added pleasure.

You can give your man an extravagantly different level of sensation by giving them a testicle massage. Who knows, they might not even know how good that would feel, and you’ll be the first to deliver that pleasure to them. 

Are you excited to learn how it’s done? Then, here are some testicle massage techniques that will make your man moan and cum it all out

Testicle Massage Techniques

It only takes a few testicle massage methods to make your man cum hard. Be ready to take some notes as we’ll discuss them here!

Running Water

There is no water involved in the running water massage method. Despite that, your man will experience it as if it’s running water!

You only need to follow a few simple steps to perform it easily. First, put your man’s balls into your fingers and gently cup them. Using your fingers, slowly start to form a wave-like motion with your fingers. Gently and quickly run through your fingers as you do this step. Afterward, wait for his reaction. He won’t be able to deny how good this is, and you’ll see that in his face.

Soft Squeeze

Among all the testicle massage techniques, gently squeezing your man’s nuts is probably the easiest. Place your hand over his balls and apply very gentle pressure. After that, release the stress. Afterward, apply some more and do it over and over. 

This procedure is best done while he’s plowing you. So, try to get into a position where you can easily access his balls. 

The Rub

Performing The Rub on your man is most manageable when he’s lying on his back. You must repeatedly run your open palm from his perineum and over his testicles. This method is great if your man likes his testicles and perineum stimulated simultaneously.


Take your thumb and index finger and gently tug down on his scrotum above the balls. Avoid jerking his sac. Instead, pull firmly. If you only want to draw on one testicle, you can tug in one direction or separate the testicles.

Performing this move when he is standing up or lying down will be easier, but if he is sitting, it will be more difficult. If you are feeling naughty, you can try this while he’s having sex with you in a doggie position. Simply duck and reach far between his legs.


When massaging your man’s testicles, your mouth is a great tool we highly suggest you utilize. You should start by sucking a small portion of the ball sac into your mouth, then sucking in the first ball afterward to pace up the sensation. No worries if you cannot place both balls in your mouth simultaneously. That’s totally fine. 

Holding a ball in your mouth while you stroke his cock might also be fun. It gives him double the sensation. 

Any position, such as the lying or standing 69, works for the mouth testicle massage technique. Simply ensure you can comfortably reach your man’s ball sack when working from a position you like.  


The sensation of nibbling on his sac can be amazing. Use your teeth to nibble on his balls. However, don’t use too much pressure or the sharpness of your teeth so you won’t hurt him. 

If he finds it too intense already, you can place your lips over your teeth. Just imagine how you do it during a blowjob. This procedure will prevent you from potentially hurting his balls.

Imitation game

Observe how he touches his testicles to see how he likes them massaged. It is possible that he will cup his balls just before he is about to cum or even stretch his sac. Alternatively, he may not like testicle stimulation, so he simply ignores them. But there’s no harm in trying; maybe he just hasn’t experienced it. 


Foot jobs are popular among some guys, and some of them even have a foot fetish. You can try rubbing his balls with your feet during your sexy time if he does

Do you think he might be a bit masochistic? He might respond positively to nudges, kicks, or steps on his genitals.

You can also use some toys for testicle massage…

Do you think giving him a testicle massage with your hands, mouth, or feet is getting a little plain? Well, you can step up the game using some sex toys. There are crazy sex toys out there specifically designed to give testicular stimulation. 

Or, if you keep a vibrator for your clitoral stimulation, you can also use that to make his balls happy. Contrary to what we know, 

The vibrators aren’t just popular among women. They are also popular among men. Keep in mind that he might be ticklish or hypersensitive, so don’t surprise him with this one. Instead, suggest giving it a try and see how he reacts.

While having sex with your man, you can perform a vibrating scrotum massage followed by a lingam massage or a blow job. You can also hold a vibrator against his balls while having sex. 

Here are some vibrators that you can try:

Tryst Multi Erogenous Zone Vibrator 

A toy for testicle massage: Tryst Multi Erogenous Zone Vibrator

Source: Tickle Kitty

Your imagination is the limit when using the Tryst Multi Erogenous Zone Vibrator. This sex toy is so versatile. Its design is multi-functional so that you may use it for solo or partnered action.

The Tryst Multi Erogenous Zone Vibrator can stimulate the labia, clitoris, nipples, penis, balls, and even the anus. This vibrator is a great place to start if you’re new to the sex toy market.

Remix Vibrating Cock Ring

A toy for testicle massage: Remix Vibrating Cock Ring

Source: Wildflower Sex

Designed for both couples and solo use, this insanely flexible cock ring intensifies masturbation by giving extra sensations on both shaft and testicles. You can wear the toy however you like. Note that how you wear it will not affect which of your manly parts will receive stimulation. 

You can wear it with either end or top of the shaft for vertical or horizontal stimulation. You may also place it over your balls. Regardless of the placement, your testicles will surely receive pleasure. 

Happy Rabbit Cock Ring

A toy for testicle massage: Happy Rabbit Cock Ring

Source: Fishpond

There are some similarities between the Happy Rabbit Cock Ring and the infamous Rabbit Vibrator regarding its mechanism. A bunny-shaped external stimulator built into the device is perfectly positioned to nestle into the female partner’s body for a fun couple’s experience. But, the remarkable thing about this particular model is that it has two separate stretchy rings: one that slips over the shaft and one behind the testicles. Aside from ensuring stability, this design also helps the testes get a fuller experience of the different vibrations. 

Why is massaging the balls a good thing?

Do you think pleasure is the only thing you will get from a testicle massage? Well, you thought wrong: there are lots of other benefits thanks to testicle massage. These benefits range from physical to sociological health. Not only will it make your body healthier, but it will also keep your relationship (if you have a partner) in tiptop condition!

Here’s a list of other perks that you will get from regularly massaging your balls (or getting a massage from someone):

So, what’s next?

Experiment- this is what makes sex exciting and fun. So, now that you’ve learned the different techniques for a good testicle massage, why don’t you try it out later today? Check with your partner if he’s ready to receive a different sensation and perform one or two of the methods written here. 

Of course, not everyone will like it. Despite that fact, it is still best that you tried. After all, giving a testicle massage is not only for pleasure but also for various health benefits

While you’re here, you might also want to try other sex toys that will give you remarkable pleasure. Visit our products page. We have everything from different kinds of onaholes to lubes. Promise, trying out these onahole toys will leave you breathless!  

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