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how to self fuck

How to Self Fuck: Autofellatio for Newbies 

July 11, 2022

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While it may be taboo or cringe-worthy to many, the idea of self-fuck is in works of history and even modern pop culture. Self-fucking in males through autofellatio or sucking one’s dick is often depicted as an uncomplicated form of pleasure. You could make yourself cum without looking for a sexual partner and without using your hands or sex toy. 

With autofellatio, all you need is your mouth and your dick. Movies such as Clerks (1993) depict self-fucking as a male inspiration and an industry joke. It is an aspiration because men whom self fuck could experience orgasm alone. The need for a sexual partner or a sexual device has been removed by simply doing autofellatio. 

But as simple as it sounds, autofellatio might be puzzling for beginners. Are you also curious about how to self fuck? These quick facts and information might satisfy your curiosity. 

The reasons behind it

Have you once wondered how to self fuck? This question has also been with many males. Autofellatio has been a long-term fixation by Western civilizations. 

There is much traction and popularity over the concept of autofellatio. It reached the point where most males think of it subconsciously. So if you sometimes randomly think of how to self-fuck, these might be the reasons for it.  

Most men become curious about how to self fuck at least once in their life

Over the years, men have become curious about sexuality and pleasurable acts. Often, those who try to explore their curiosities get labeled as deviants. As history shows, many men explored how to self fuck by performing autofellatio. However, society viewed those who explored and the act itself as taboo. 

One of the many prejudices against autofellatio is that anyone who wants to do so is homosexual, mentally deranged, or has a biological defect. Many countries, such as the United States, have had these notions from the 80s until the 90s. Despite it all, some people curious about it continued to experience autofellatio.

Albo Jeavons, known as Al Eingang in his films, is famous for creating autofellatio films in the 1980s. The King of Self Fuck contorts his body and sucks his cock only because he thinks about how good it would feel. His curiosity soon became a passion and turned into a successful career. His work proves that sexual curiosity and exploration are natural and not caused by mental or biological defects.

Pop culture reinforced the idea

Celebrities and artists reference the idea of how to self fuck in their work. Movies and music often mention the phrase “suck your dick.” Whether used as a punchline or a slur, people have the idea of a rare and exotic way to pleasure themselves. 

There are rumors about celebrities such as Marilyn Manson, a rock legend. It has been a longstanding hoax that the rock star removed one of their ribs for nonmedical reasons. The reason is that he could be flexible enough to suck his dick. 

Aside from mainstream movies, music, or rumors, porn helped pop culture to propel the idea of autofellatio. One of the earliest porn films involving self-fucking is Every Inch a Lady. In one of the featured scenes, actor Vido Aras placed his legs over his head and bent over to suck himself off. Soon, porn directors officially recognized autofellatio as a profitable genre and offered it to audiences, regardless of gender. 

Prevalence of penis obsession and masculinity

Throughout our culture, society has a penis obsession. You might have witnessed, whether at middle school or at work, where groups of males would brag about their penises. Some even use their penis as part of their pick-up lines or introduction. 

Penis obsession has led males to inspect their penis size, girth, and appearance regardless of age. Like women tend to focus on their breasts, men would be conscious of their penis. Many would go on to have penile surgery because they were unsatisfied with their penis.

The art of self-fuck has been around for ages

It’s not just you! Older generations have thought about self fucking and autofellatio. Even before people even thought of creating a DIY sex machine or weird sex toys, ancient civilizations have thought of ways to pleasure themselves. 

Evidence in Ancient Egyptian texts hieroglyphs

how to autofellatio - egyptian autofellatio
Source: Mysticalsex

One of the earliest records of human civilization came from the Ancient Egyptians. It is no secret that they were also the ones who started exploring their sexuality. Orgies, sex slaves, and the like are on tablet inscriptions, hieroglyphs, and wall writings. These sexual acts involve Atum, the Egyptian god of creation. 

In numerous Egyptian texts, the god depicts sucking himself off and mixing his semen with his saliva. He would then spit out gods and goddesses. Several other Egyptian gods have engaged in autofellatio as a symbol of fertility and even regenerative abilities. 

While only the lives of the pharaohs and queens are historical records, it is no secret that Egyptians are sexually curious. Brothels and bathhouses were often full of stories of weird sexual acts. It would be no coincidence if autofellatio started there, but historians have yet to prove it. 

Medieval art shows that even the elites are doing it

how to autofellatio - statue of a men doing autofellatio
Source: Melmagazine

Perhaps the most macabre era in humanity’s history, the medieval ages were ruled by monarchs and church leaders. Aside from bloody wars and ambitious conquests, the Medieval Era is also full of stories about weird sexual acts. Among them are stories of autofellatio.

In the 14th-century Cologne City Hall, people could find a sculpture of Archbishop Konrad von Hochstaden sucking himself off. The sculpture is different from the other holy men because his statue is bending over and sucking his dick. Some say that the townsfolk did not love the archbishop because he placed large hops and mead taxes. 

Aside from this sculpture, medieval manuscripts show pigs blowing on bagpipes with one end on their mouths and the other on their penises. Prominent historian Ruth Evans theorizes that the pigs represent the monarchs, and their act of blowing the bagpipes connected to their penises is an autofellatio. 

Try these for a safe and pleasurable self fuck experience

Trying out autofellatio for the first time could be a complex thing to pull off. You might injure your spine, neck, or hips if done wrong. So if you want a safe but pleasurable experience, here are some things you should try. 

Proper warm-up and stretching

Learning how to self fuck is like learning a new exercise in the gym. You start by warming up and getting your limbs and muscles loose. Simple exercises such as neck rotations and hip rotations could get you warmed up. 

If you plan to self fuck in your bedroom, it is best to keep it warm before and during your session. Keeping it warm will help your body to feel comfortable and flexible. You may also take a warm bath before your session to maintain body temperature and reduce muscle tension. 

You should already know what gets you hard. Whether it is porn, erotic novels, or binaural sounds, ensure that you have these prepared. If you do not have these ready, you will find it difficult to get an erection while one-half of your body is bent towards your mouth. 

Practice often

Practicing which position works best for you will help you fuck easily. You could suck yourself off with enough practice, even if you have a small penis. 

The basic “C” position is where you sit comfortably on any surface and bend your legs upwards so your mouth can reach your penis. It’s one of the easiest positions because you can maintain your erection while being flexible enough to suck yourself off. You could start with this and frequently practice getting into the “C” position.

If that position is too boring for you, try the “backwards-C.” You would stand on both legs and bend downwards so that your mouth would reach your penis. Maintaining your erection in this position might be more challenging because the blood flow is uneven across your legs, your penis, and your head.  

Try Pilates or Yoga

Whatever position or intensity you want to use on your autofellatio session, something is certain. You need to have a strong spine, back, and neck. 

These three will bear most of the tension and stress when bending and contorting. You could start with simple yoga routines to improve your flexibility to strengthen these areas. You could also do Pilates to reduce muscle tension and improve blood flow. 

Get to know how to self fuck with autofellatio!

Unlike sex toys, performing autofellatio will let you experience how to self fuck without having to spend money

But if you want to feel a better orgasm, you could use toys and lubricants to massage and soothe your prostate or balls while doing autofellatio. You could sit on this toy to increase your balance and sexual pleasure while sucking yourself off!

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