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10 Household Items You Can Use As Homemade Sex Toys for Men

August 1, 2022

Fleshlights are expensive, so many people innovate by creating homemade sex toys for men. The hefty price tags led people to tap into their imagination and think of items they could use as artificial vaginas or anuses. 

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If you want sexual satisfaction but do not have the budget, you could make your sex toy! You could stop using your hands to jerk off with these DIY fleshlights. Once you get the feel of your homemade toy, it will be a hundred times better than your hand’s texture.

Why you should try creating homemade sex toys for men

homemade sex toys for men

Creating a DIY sex machine could be both exciting and annoying for some people. One of the main reasons for this is that most people are not patient. Aside from that, most of them have not explored their creative side since childhood. 

So if you are having doubts to create homemade sex toys, here are some helpful tips. Regardless if you are creative or not, these facts could motivate you to try building one.

You don’t have to spend too much

By using household items, you could skip going to hardware stores to buy materials for your homemade sex toy. However, if necessary, you could still buy a few unavailable tools at your home. 

Creating homemade sex toys for men is significantly cheaper than buying fleshlights from different brands. Why save every week to buy the toy you want and resist the sexual urge if you could create your sex toy, right?

You can customize the measurements

Fleshlights sold online on sex toy websites often have standardized measurements. Of course, if you want a toy that fits comfortably on your dick, it would cost you more. But with homemade fleshlights, you could customize vaginal tunnel width and length measurements. 

Fitting your homemade sex toy to your sex toy gives you more sexual satisfaction when using it. Having a sex toy customized for your dick over a fleshlight with a “one-size-fits-all” should be an easy decision for you. 

They are easy to make

Contrary to many people, creating homemade sex toys is relatively easy. If the first attempt at creating a sex toy is not up to your standards, you could start again. As long as your supply of household items last, you could create a sex toy. 

Homemade items are also one of the most accessible materials because of their versatility. You could virtually cut, mold, twist and turn them into anything you could think of. 

Household items you could turn into homemade sex toys for men 

homemade sex toys

1. Latex gloves 

Before you become a scavenger of your cupboards, cabinets, and shelves, make sure you have latex gloves at your home. If not, you could check for unused plastic gloves. 

You will use these gloves as the “main ingredient” in your DIY fleshlight. Wrapping latex gloves around the other household items in this list would create a smooth texture. Additionally, adding lubricant to these latex-wrapped holes would feel like an artificial pussy.  

Latex and plastic have waterproof and non-abrasive qualities, making them suitable for sex toys. So, grab all the gloves you can and clean them with water and rubbing alcohol before using them to create your fleshlight. 

2. Sponges

You could use sponges to create a vaginal tunnel in your homemade sex toy. Household sponges used in washing dishes or cleaning sinks and countertops often have two sides. One side is coarse and rough, generally used to remove hard stains and grimes, while the other is soft and absorbent, used to soap up the dishes. 

Many sex toy enthusiasts say sponges have the same texture as most pocket pussies and fleshlights. Because of its soft surface, penetrating it with your penis will not pose a serious health risk. 

To create a sex toy out of a sponge, you need at least two sponges that have a smooth texture. You would clump these parts together and cut a hole big enough for your penis. 

3. Lotion bottles

Lotion bottles are part of the household items that stock up after a few months. People often hesitate to throw these bottles out because it is recyclable and sellable. If you have piles of lotion bottles, you could turn them into a pussy you could fuck! 

To create a DIY fleshlight out of lotion bottles, you could combine latex gloves and sponges to make a pussy. Since the hole of lotion bottles might have a slightly rough texture and could cut your penis’ skin, you could wrap it with gloves or insert a sponge-pussy on its end. 

If the hole of your lotion bottle is too small for your dick to fit, you could cut on its neck until the hole is big enough for you. Remember to scoop the leftover lotion because you could use this as a lubricant if you run out

4. Potato chip cans

You might have watched a comedy video of two wherein somebody inserted their dick into a Pringles can. They are not wrong because you could turn an empty can of potato chips into an artificial pussy! Most of these cans are plastic and could be a good base for your sex toy. 

Like a lotion bottle, you could wrap gloves and insert sponges into a can. However, unlike the smaller lotion bottles, potato chip cans have wider holes that could fit any dick size. 

Before using potato chip cans as your DIY sex toy, you should clean them thoroughly. There should be no chip crumbs in the can before you begin the assembly of your sex toy. 

5. Towel

Towels used for your bathroom, hands, or face are water-absorbent and have a smooth fabric even if it gets wet. This fabric also absorbs large amounts of moisture and is suitable for any temperature. So if you have old or unused towels, you could transform them into masturbation toys. 

To create a homemade sex toy out of towels, you could fold and roll it to a width you prefer. The fatter the roll is, the tighter it would feel when you are inside it. Once your towel roll is ready, you could wrap a latex glove inside the hole to create a smoother texture for your dick. You could tighten the hole with a few rubber bands if you need to. 

6. Socks 

Another masturbation classic is pairs of socks. Although unhygienic as it may sound, these pieces of clothing would get you off! Some even pour lotion directly into socks before jerking themselves off. 

Regardless of whether you like to stroke your dick, remember to wash your socks before using them as your fleshlight. 

7. Old shirts 

Similar to towels, shirts have cotton textile and polyester, which absorbs moisture and many liquids before turning your old and unused shirts into a fleshlight. Clean and iron them out first. 

To make a homemade sex toy out of old shirts, you could do the same technique as you did with towels. First, you would roll your shirts to make a narrow hole, then wrap gloves inside the hole to make a vaginal tunnel. If you want a tight tunnel, you could roll multiple shirts together and tie them around. 

8. Pillows

Aside from having a cheap masturbation toy, using pillows is an excellent way to have hands free orgasm. Most pillows are full of polyester and feathers that have soft textures similar to a sponge. 

You could turn a pillow into a fleshlight by cutting a hole in the center. If you have a long dick, you could cut a hole on one of its sides to have a deep vaginal tunnel. Then, you would wrap it with latex gloves or stick a sponge-pussy on the hole for a more durable vaginal tunnel. 

9. Toilet Paper

Using toilet paper might be the easiest and weirdest material for a DIY pocket pussy. Do it if you can afford to sacrifice a spare toilet paper roll to jerk off. 

Improvised fleshlights from toilet paper have a soft texture inside and out. But, you can change your toy’s texture using different paper types. Getting multi-ply toilet papers could turn into a coarse fleshlight and give a rough texture to your dick. 

First, you need to remove the cardboard back out of the paper roll, then place latex gloves on the hole of the roll. Next, wrap rubber bands around the hole to tighten it. 

10. Fruits and Vegetables

Lastly, if you are desperate for a hole to fuck and cum inside, you could use fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables have textures that are better than the palm of your hand. Some are soft and squishy on the outside but wet and sticky on the inside. 

There is no complex process to turn them into fleshlights, just cut a hole and put your dick inside a fruit or a vegetable

Create homemade sex toys for men now! 

For all the time and effort you spent on these sex toys, you would be blown away by the sexual pleasure that homemade sex toys for men offer. So, time to make use of your creativity to get yourself off! 

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